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Shingle Roofing in Escondido and surrounding areas

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Architectural Roofing Shingles

Since the introduction of new roofing materials, architects, builders and homeowners are constantly in search for versatile and inexpensive shingles with combined aesthetic value of traditional roofing materials such as cedar and shakes.

Construction manufacturers reacted to this demand by coming up with mounting array of architectural roofing shingles.

Nowadays, an increasing number of residential owners prefer architectural roofing shingles for their exceptional looks and increased longevity, all without the additional cost of their original counterparts.

Architectural roofing shingles add a new dimension in the appearance of your home, by conveying more character to your roof finish. To fully realize its effect, notice how houses with architectural roofing shingles stand out from the rest. In most cases, these types of shingles are expected to last between 25 to 35 years of secure shelter.

However, the main drawback of architectural roofing shingles is their susceptibility to algae and mildew especially when wet leaves or debris start to build up in your roof. If you live in an area with a rather typically wet climate, then it ís best to consider purchasing shingles that have copper in it.

Most architectural roofing shingles have random pattern that makes it much easier for roofers to layout the standard 3-tab kind. Traditional shingles have to be lined up properly else the roof would have a haphazard and wavy appearance. On the other hand, the surface of architectural roofing shingles obscures the shape of the shingles and provides the desired appearance. This means that installation time would practically be cut in half.

At Titan Roofing Escondido we make sure to only work use shingle brands that have stood the test of time. We use architectural shingles for roof repairs and roof replacements in Escondido and San Diego County.

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Albert P.

San Diego Resident

Too bad I can't give Titan Roofing 6 Stars! Andres, the owner, is one of the best contractors we have ever dealt with. Our living room had a leak coming through the ceiling on a Saturday after a big rain. I wrote a message on Yelp to several roofers that same day requesting help in resolving the problem. Andres from Titan Roofing responded that same Saturday and said he would be at our house Monday at noon. He arrived, and in 1/2 hour found the leak source, (some damaged/poorly installed flashing in two places), proposed a fix and gave me an estimate. He said he would be glad to wait if I wanted to get other bids, but I gave him the job immediately because he seemed so thorough and honest. Since it was going to rain the following Saturday he said he would come do the work on Friday. He finished the job for a fair price, much faster than I ever expected, and guaranteed his work. I will never call a roofer other than Andres.


Jim W.

Carlsbad Resident

If you are reading this, that means you are looking for a great roofer! Titan Roofing owned by Andrez Lopez is incredible! We've done quite a bit of remodeling at our home and contractors were all over the map with bids and credibility.

I researched six large and small companies from Angis list and Home advisor. One company came out and said "I'll look at your roof from a satellite view and give you bid in a few days! Huh?!

Andrez, the owner of Titan Roofing was the ONLY owner who walked up ON THE ROOF himself, told us what was needed, and then said that we needed to replace our bathroom vents and fireplace spark arrestors! And that was in the first 20 minutes! We paid him to come back and replace those items!

We cannot be happier! I'm kind of a hard ass, but when I realized how great Andrez' Titan Roofing was, we hired them. They are far above the other roofers we interviewed! His bid was $5000 less that three other bids, and get this: He also replaced all of the bad facia, and installed new rain gutters!

So, what will you get with Titan Roofing?

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Maria C.

Carlsbad Resident

I asked for four quotes before deciding on Titan Roofing. There was something very sincere about Andreaz when he came to do my estimate. I was very happy with Andreaz and his team throughout the installation. They were punctual, professional and very polite. They cleaned up after each day and gave me progress on the job. I found Andreaz to be extremely honest and knowledgeable about his work. They finished the job ahead of schedule and I was very happy with their work. I would recommend Titan Roofing to anyone looking for a new roof!

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